A Technical Architecture for the Data Warehouse

In April 1995 I left Sequent Computer Systems to set up Data Management & Warehousing. Between the completion of the Perot/Europcar project and leaving I had worked with Ralph Kimball, who was training Sequent to develop a Data Warehousing practice and promoting his Red Brick technology (currently owned by IBM). This paper outlines the first two tier data warehouse (Inmon Data Warehouse with dependent Kimball Style data marts) – even if the graphics look a little dated now. Again in those days a Powerpoint was not sufficient for a presenter and I also had to produce a paper to go with the presentation. This was my first company presentation.


The paper aims to set out a brief description of the process of implementing a Data Warehouse and then to look in more detail at one particular aspect of the process, namely the Technical Architecture. Whilst it can not be exhaustive it does set out a model that can be used as a guide in the implementation of a system.

Download  Technical Architecture For The Data Warehouse (and Paper) now

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