Client Server Very Large Databases

In 1993 I was still working for Sequent Computer Systems as the Technical Leader for Databases. We won a contract to build a then massive 1000 user Unix system using Oracle 7.1 with ten 16 processor system and up to 50Gb of data in a client-server arrangement. Building this system that run Perot/Europcar car rental administration system was a major achievement at the time.

At the end of the project I presented the story at the International Oracle User Group in the Moscone Centre, San Francisco. In those days a Powerpoint was not sufficient for a presenter and I also had to produce a paper to go with the presentation.


The replacement of ‘Legacy’ systems by ‘Right-Sized’ solutions has lead to a growth in the number of large open client/server installations. In order to achieve the required return on investment these solutions must be at the same time flexible, resilient and scaleable. This paper sets out to describe the building of an open client/server solution by breaking it up into components. Each component is examined for scaleability and resilience. The complete solution, however, is more than the sum of the parts and therefore a view of the infrastructure required around each element will be discussed.

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