Process Neutral Data Modelling Concepts

This is the first presentation to ETIS held in Brussels in November 2008

It takes a deep dive look at the problems with conventional data modelling for the data warehousing and looks at an alternative approach known as Process Neutral Data Modelling. It is a natural follow on from the previous UK Oracle User Group presentation in 2006.

The issues with conventional data models that it tries to discuss include:

  • Data models take a long time to develop
  • Data models are expensive to change
  • The design often reflects the first or largest source system
  • They often reflect current working practice
  • A struggle to keep up with rapidly changing source system data models
  • Reference data is often not stored in a time variant way
  • History is lost with data model changes
  • Queries directly on the data warehouse are complex
  • Different rules apply to query each table
  • Different database platforms have different needs

Download Process Neutral Data Modelling Concepts now

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