Microsoft BGInfo (formally SysInternals)

One of the most commonly used utilities on Windows platforms is BG Info. It creates a replacement screen background with key information about the system configuration. BG Info provides a simple interface to select the items that you want which is very useful either on large blade configurations or using virtual machines (e.g. when using VMWare)

One limitation is the information shown when a system has multiple network cards. Fortunately BGInfo allows the user to configure a local VBScript to run anything the system administrator or user wants. Data Management & Warehousing have created a script that correctly displays the network information for all active adaptors in the system.



Configuring the script

For the purposes of this document we have installed the BGInfo software in C:\BGInfo. If your installation uses a different location you should adjust this accordingly.

For quick configuration you can copy the two files (right-click save Config.bgi and network.vbs) into C:\BGInfo and then start BGInfo and open the file Config.bgi and make any more changes you need, save it and execute it.

To refresh the information at startup create a shortcut in the ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup’ directory where the target is set to:

C:\BGInfo\BGInfo.exe C:\BGInfo\Config.bgi /timer:0

For manual configuration or if you make any changes to the VBS script you must follow the instructions below. It is important that this is done after every change to the network.vbs script otherwise the changes will not be included.

Once you have opened up BGInfo click on the countdown timer on the top right to stop it from automatically closing the window. and then click on the ‘Custom’ button on the right hand side of the window in the ‘Fields’ section.

If this is the first time that you have created a User Defined Field then you must click on ‘New…’ otherwise highlight ‘Network Info’ and click on ‘Edit…’ followed by OK.

Now make sure that the Identifier field says ‘Network Info’, check the VB Script file option and use the Browse button to select the network.vbs script. Once you have done all this click on the ‘OK’ button to close this screen.

This will return you to the user defined fields window and again you must click on OK to return to the main window.

Once you are in the main window you can add Network Info as a field in the display by clicking on ‘Add’ and positioning item as required and then either click on ‘Apply’ to see how it looks or OK to make the change permanent.

Once this is done your screen will look something like the ones shown on this page. You can adjust background and foreground colours and images, position, etc. by following the instructions for the product to get the effect you want.

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