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In the Data Management & Warehousing White Paper Data Warehouse Governance the importance of change control and issue tracking to a successful data warehousing project are highlighted. This paper also highlights the importance of a lightweight or agile development methodology and how using a wiki can help improve the develpment process.

Project Services offers the following:

  • A demonstration of a complete, consistent and co-herent set of tools for project planning, task, risk, issue and enhancement tracking, document and source code control, test management and project wiki integrated together to support a data warehouse development
  • free hosted environment for consultancy clients of Data Management & Warehousing on which to run their project
  • A low cost hosted environment for projects not using Data Management & Warehousing consultancy services but wishing to use our approach to developing successful data warehouses.
  • A guide for those wishing to implement their own data warehouse project governance.


What is the Project Services platform ?

Each project gets it’s own private area in which to operate. No data is shared between projects. For example the ‘demo’ project can be found at http://projects.datamgmt.com/demo

Each project has the following features;

  • Subversion:
    An open-source revision control system
  • Trac:
    A web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system that also provides an interface to Subversion and an integrated wiki
  • User Management:
    A web-based interface to allow management of usernames, groups and passwords.
  • Tortoise SVN:
    A client for Subversion that Subversion commands directly in Windows explorer.

Note: Since this service works over http or https it will work from within an corporate firewall

Can I see the demo ?

The demostration system is available at http://projects.datamgmt.com/demo with a username of ‘guest’ and a password of ‘guest’. At the moment there is not much available becuase it will take some time to build up a set of worthwhile examples, however we are actively working on it so please check back regularly.

If you are interested in a hosted environment the please Contact Us

Why the change of platform ?

For many years Data Management & Warehousing has recommended a cheap open source solution to this problem by implementing Bugzilla and CVS.

Whilst Bugzilla is web based, CVS normally required an SSH connection and the solution also required the use and integration of a seperate Wiki solution. Using Subversion and Trac has allowed Data Management & Warehousing to implement a fully http based solution which integrated change control, task and issue management and a project wiki in a single solution, but with all the heritage of the previous tools.

How can we put Project Services on our own server ?

All the code used to create Project Services is Open Source. Therefore anyone can build it on their own server. For our own internal documentation and in case anyone else is interested we have created the Project Services HowTo

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