Installing R and RStudio on Redhat/CentOS Linux

As part of our forthcoming magazine article “Building an Analytical Platform” for SAP we described the need to install both R and RStudio.

Our test system is an older CentOs 5.8 Linux box and so needs to use the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) packages

As ‘root’ on your system perform the following four commands (Note: Version numbers may vary)

To install R

rpm -ivh
yum install R

To install RStudio

rpm -Uvh rstudio-server-0.96.316-i686.rpm

You can check out the RSudio versions at:

Once you have done this (and assuming you don’t need to open any firewalls etc.) you can simply use the URL in your web browser.

http://< ;your-server-name-here>;:8787

The username and password will be the same as you would use to log into the server that R and RStudio are hosted on.

Upgrading R and RStudio to subsequent releases is also simple.

To update R as ‘root’ on your system simply type

yum update R

To update RStudio simply repeat the steps above – but changing the version numbers

You can also find other useful R resources at:

8 thoughts on “Installing R and RStudio on Redhat/CentOS Linux

  1. Still doesn’t work for me. I use centos 6 x386.
    installed epel 6-7
    typed: yum install R
    –> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Error: Package: R-core-2.15.2-1.el5.i386 (epel)
    Error: Package: R-core-2.15.2-1.el5.i386 (epel)

    I have libtcl8.5 installed. I think it conflicts with the 8.4 R wants.
    How can I solve this? Thank you!

  2. Hi
    when i type yum install R am getting this
    Error: Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: epel. Please verify its path and try again

  3. The message says it all really: “error: Failed dependencies:” It looks as if you do not have the right R and C components installed for your version of R Studio – you will need to ensure that you have the right permutations of packages on your system.

    The blog post that is over 9 months old and since that time new versions of the various software components have been released so unfortunately you will need to do some work yourself to find the right versions. Alternatively try a forum or chat room with people who are using current versions and may be able to answer your issue.

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