Sequent Values and Principles

During the early 90’s I had the honour and pleasure to work with a great group of people at Sequent Computer Systems. The company had a set of great set of values and principles and I often refer to them and sometimes am asked for a copy. In the absence of being able to find them anywhere else on-line here they are:


Our Values:

  • Easy to Do Business With
    • The Customer ALWAYS Comes First
    • Do All We Can to Ensure Customer Success – Does Not Always Mean Saying Yes
    • Three Keys — Listen, Consider and Act
    • Go the “Extra Mile” for the Customer
  • Profitability
    • Required for Our Success
    • Allows for Growth & Investments for Future
    • Everyone is Responsible for Profitability
    • Follow the “Spend Smart and Invest Smart” Concept
  • Teamwork
    • Strong & Balanced Teams
    • Put Group Goals & Interests Ahead of Personal Reward
    • Open & Honest Communication
    • You’re Accountable for Your Commitments
    • Nobody Wins Unless the Team Wins
  • Quality
    • Exceed the Customer Expectations
    • Strive for Continuous Improvement in All You Do
    • Know Who Your Customers Are
    • Establish Clear Mutually Acceptable Expectations
    • Managed Expectations, Consistently Achieved
  • People
    • Assimilating & Integrating New Members is Critical
    • Open, Honest & Timely Communication
    • Treat Each Other With Respect
    • Take Time to Say “Thank You” for a Good Job
    • Strive for Win-Win Relationships

Our Principles:

  • Act With Honesty & Uncompromising Integrity
  • Take Responsibility for Our Customers’ Success
  • Strive to be the Best
  • Have a “Can Do” Attitude
  • Respect Each Other
  • Exhibit Team Pride
  • Take Calculated Risks
  • Be Active Community Citizens
  • Urgently Do the Right Thing
  • Make Consultative Decisions

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