Gathering Business Requirements for Data Warehouses

This presentation is our template that we use for “Gathering Business Requirements” workshop as part of the Data Management & Warehousing Data Warehouse Documentation Roadmap process

The agenda of a workshop is normally:

Overview of the process

  • Why gather requirements like this?
  • Types of requirement
  • Understanding what we can do
  • Business processes create data
  • Understanding dimensions and measures
  • How these requirements are used
  • Things to remember

Straw-man Proposal

  • A “straw-man proposal” is a simple proposal intended to generate discussion of its disadvantages and to provoke the generation of new and better proposals.

Next Steps

  • Do we need more time to add more requirements?
  • How will we review the requirements?
  • Who will help flesh out the technical requirements?
  • Who will sign off the requirements?
  • Any other questions?

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