Over the years we have produced several utilities and open source projects. List list provides some information about their status

  • GROUT – ETL tool including DAP & SQLUnload written in Korn Shell, C & PL/SQL – superseded by JST – code available on request
  • JST – ETL tool written in Bash Shell – superseded by PELT – code available on request
  • PHPWebsite Google Services – module for PHPWebsite to provide various Google Services e.g. search and translate – code available on Sourceforge
  • BG Info – Windows utility written in Visual Basic Script to display system information as part of the desktop – code available on this site
  • DQ Tool – Data Quality Monitoring Tool written in Java – code available to customers only
  • PELT – ETL tool written in Perl – code available to customers only
  • Facebook Data Mining – Data Mining Facebook information written in R – code available on GitHub

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