Process Neutral Data Modelling

This paper describes in detail the process for creating an enterprise data warehouse physical data model that is less susceptible to change. Change is one of the largest on-going costs in a data warehouse and therefore reducing change reduces the total cost of ownership of the system. This is achieved by removing business process specific data and concentrating on core business information.

The white paper examines why data-modelling style is important and how issues arise when using a data model for reporting. It discusses a number of techniques and proposes a specific solution. The techniques should be considered when building a data warehouse solution even when an organisation decides against using the specific solution.

This paper is intended for a technical audience and project managers involved with the technical aspects of a data warehouse project.

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2 thoughts on “Process Neutral Data Modelling

  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas so clearly and lucidly. The best I’ve read on data modelling since Ralph Kimball.

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