Overview Architecture for Enterprise Data Warehouses

This is the first of a series of papers published by Data Management & Warehousing to look at the implementation of Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions in large organisations using a design pattern approach. A design pattern provides a generic approach, rather than a specific solution. It describes the steps that architecture, design and build teams will have to go through in order to implement a data warehouse successfully within their business.

This particular document looks at what an organisation will need in order to build and operate an enterprise data warehouse in terms of the following:

  • The framework architecture
    What components are needed to build a data warehouse, and how do they fit together?
  • The toolsets
    What types of products and skills will be used to develop a system?
  • The documentation
    How do you capture requirements, perform analysis and track changes in scope of a typical data warehouse project?

This document is, however, an overview and therefore subsequent white papers deal with specific issues in detail.

Download Overview Architecture for Enterprise Data Warehouses now.

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